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Welcome to the new world of Central Heating control

A decade of development and operating experience has led to the creation of Kli-Mat®, the fully automatic, self adjusting, maintenance free intelligent Central Heating Control that will significantly enhance the performance of central heating systems whether located in homes, offices, small to medium size hotels and guest houses, nursing homes, almshouses, parish rooms, church halls or, in fact anywhere that a central heating boiler uses gas, LPG, domestic fuel oil or electricity to heat water and circulate it through a radiator system.

Like all Eco Energy Controls, Kli-Mat® is not just a smart energy saving device that optimises central heating performance in order to cut fuel consumption and reduce CO² emissions. Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom Kli-Mat® is a lifestyle product that transforms central heating from a “hide it and forget it” piece of equipment into the easily operated means of tailoring your central heating system to your personal needs. Most importantly, Kli-Mat® takes account of the fact that, even if identical in design and construction, every property is different because its precise location is always different and it is, therefore, differently affected by its own environment.

What it can do for you

Central heating boiler replacement on the grounds of efficiency has destroyed millions of perfectly adequate boilers and replaced them with complicated alternatives with more limited life expectations, when all they needed was “Kli-Mat® Control”. The price of a Kli-Mat® control delivered complete ready for installation by a local qualified electrician, is just £395 including VAT.

Kli-Mat® incorporates more energy saving control features than the most modern central heating boilers and once installed will not only enhance the performance of the existing boiler but when boiler replacement becomes necessary it is there ready to do the same for the new boiler. AND that new boiler will be very much cheaper to buy and install because it doesn't need to incoporate the control features that the Kli-Mat® Control already provides and will provide for the new boiler. Incidentally, Kli-Mat® enables even the most modern condensing boiler to function more effectively.

Kli-Mat® usually takes less than a day to install so that fully installed it costs a fraction of the price of boiler replacement, solar heating or any other energy saving device and within three or four years that expense has been met by the fuel cost savings. Meanwhile, all the other Kli-Mat® benefits have been enjoyed!

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KLI-MATKLI MAT: the benefits

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