The KLI-MAT Control System

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: My boiler is old, should I replace it before I have one of your controls?

A. Why should you? Unless it is impossible to maintain or repair an old boiler, there is no point in replacing it with a shiny new one that will not last a fraction of the time that the old one already has. Installing a Kli-Mat® control will dramatically enhance the performance of the old boiler and if you have the boiler properly serviced it will enhance it even more. By not replacing the boiler you are avoiding the environmental impact of boiler replacement, which is something that is never brought into the arguments for and against boiler replacement on environmental grounds.

Q. Will my house still be warm?

A. Definitely! You will notice an improvement in the comfort level throughout, especially if you have Thermostatic Radiator Valves fitted and operate them to adjust temperatures to the use to which the rooms are put.

Q. Will I still get hot water if the central heating is off, say during the summer?

A. Most certainly you will because at the press of the HW Only push button on the control, that is all that the system will provide until you press the HW Only push button again to restore the control to normal operation.

Q.Where should I locate the control?

A. Wherever it best facilitates the installation process, but remains readily accessible, so that full advantage may be taken of the variety of heating and fuel cost saving options that it offers as an alternative to routine programmed operation.


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