The KLI-MAT Control System


The Kli-Mat® control is the latest fully automatic, self-adjusting and maintenance free intelligent central heating boiler management system from Eco Energy Controls Ltd and it incorporates more features than the British Government’s Standard Assessment procedure for Energy Rating of Dwellings 2001 Edition identifies for an Intelligent Central Heating Control.

Our Product

Kli-Mat® will enhance the performance of all “wet” central heating systems that use gas, domestic fuel oil, LPG or electricity to heat water in a boiler and then pump the heated water through a radiator system in order to generate warmth in domestic and other properties including care homes, nursing homes, schools, offices, small to medium sized guest houses and hotels, church halls, parish rooms, alms houses and wherever else there are heating systems based on a boiler to heat water that is then pumped through radiators.

What it can do for you

Naturally, it is impossible for Kli-Mat® to either damage or cause any malfunction in the operation of your existing boiler, the pump or any other part of the central heating system. The difference between Kli-Mat® and any other form of control (whether forming part of the boiler or otherwise) whose energy saving potential relies on tests in standard conditions, is that Kli-Mat® takes into account the fact that every property is different because its precise location is always different and it is, therefore, differently affected by its own environment. Every difference of either construction, location or occupancy is thus taken into account.

Because it is intelligent, Kli-Mat® knows that it doesn’t make sense to use more fuel than is absolutely necessary in order to generate an equivalent amount of warmth. No surprise then that it knows exactly how to cut the amount of fuel you have been using to keep your home warm and comfortable


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