The KLI-MAT Control System

Benefits : At a glance

Kli-Mat® won’t just cut the amount of gas, LPG, domestic fuel oil or electricity being used by your central heating boiler to generate an equivalent amount of warmth, it will provide you with finger tip push-button control that will enable you to tailor your central heating activity to constantly changing needs; whether that be at home, in a care or nursing home, an office, a small to medium size guest house or hotel, a parish room, church hall etc.

In many cases, depending on the type of existing boiler, your fuel savings could be considerably in excess of 20% and with increasing volatility in the fuel markets spending £395 Including VAT to make those sort of savings can’t help making sense!

Kli-Mat® incorporates memory retention. If the power goes off it remembers everything that it has learnt about the property, its environment and the way it is occupied up to that time and continues to add to that knowledge the instant the power is restored.

Kli-Mat® provides pump protection by running the pump for a short period every day to avoid sludge building up and causing damage during the summer months when the heating is not required.

Kli-Mat® provides frost protection for the property by constantly monitoring the external temperature. When the temperature falls to 0ºC or below the Kli-Mat® control runs the pump and, if necessary, fires up the boiler and operates the central heating system.

Kli-Mat® automatically ensures that so long as it is connected to the electricity and the fuel supply, the central heating system will operate to provide protection for the fabric of the building against condensation and for the occupiers against hypothermia and other cold related illnesses, by preventing the temperature in the property from at any time falling below 12ºC or such higher temperature, say 14ºC, as is nominated by the user at the time of installation. This feature is invaluable in the case of the elderly or infirm, who might either have switched off their heating on the grounds of rising fuel bills or by mistake.


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