The KLI-MAT Control System

Environmental Impact

For the majority of people their domestic lifestyle is, to a greater or lesser extent, as unpredictable as the weather. The simplicity of operation that Kli-Mat® brings to central heating control enables users to easily reflect changing needs at short notice. Instead of either being hidden away or being a complicated part of the boiler, theKli-Mat® control is a familiar, easy to use domestic appliance that provides the chosen level of comfort when wanted and instantly starts cutting costs.

Time is running out

Obviously, because Kli-Mat® reduces fuel consumption in the generation of the required level of warmth in the property it makes a corresponding contribution to a reduction in “Greenhouse Gases”. In that respect, Kyoto set the target of 20% reductions in toxic emissions by the year 2010. Time is running out. So enable your central heating system to play its part in achieving that objective by ordering your Kli-Mat® Intelligent Central Heating Control today.

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