The KLI-MAT Control System

Costs and Savings

The Energy Performance Certificates which are now required with all Home Information Packs for houses with three or more bedrooms, list eight measures to secure a high rating of A or B, but the data produced by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors shows that putting in all eight measures, including insulation, condensing boilers and double glazing would have cost £23,547 (at 2008 prices) but would knock only £486 off fuel bills and would take 48 years to recoup!

Our Product

A Kli-Mat® Intelligent Central Heating Control on the other hand, will cost you just Three hundred and ninety five pounds including VAT delivered complete and ready for installation by your own electrician in accordance with the Installation Manual and Wiring Diagrams provided with it, along with an easy to follow User Guide. Help Line support for your electrician is at hand if he needs it.

Yes that’s right! Just £395 including VAT. Don’t delay, order today!

Incidentally, depending on the age and type of your existing central heating system you will have reduced your fuel costs by well over £395 including VAT in couple of years! Now isn’t that better than hoping for more sunshine for solar panels that would cost you thousands of £s but, according to the RICS study will reduce average bills by only £24 a year? No less than 208 years to recover that cost according to the RICS study!

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